About Me


October 31, 2013

Norbert Shabo!s favorite superheroWhen Norbert Shabo was young he became obsessed with comic books and as most of the children of his age was sure that everyone can become a superhero or at least have some inborn skills which can be a help for other people.

He never really realized (neither his teachers who thought Norbert will never even make it through high school) but his entrepreneurial spirit was always burning. He started with selling Jurassic park stickers, fantasy books which he sold on higher prices than he bought them, and made profit to be able to finance new ones to read.

He loved to observe other people, to learn more about how they think, how they react and why they choose a lifestyle they never wanted.

He looked like just an ordinary university student, watching his year-mates to work for minimal wage and with no vision to improve their lives.

That is when he started looking for ways to turn the wheels before he is hit by the same future just after he graduates. Thats is when he found youtube and realized that this seems to be the most reasonable and easiest way to start his own business.

 Of course he was wondering how this was gonna work but uploaded his first video on 2010.05.10 and his first youtube channel became a massive success and turned his father’s business from a slowly decaying family business to a thriving company.

Since then he helped many businesses to grow their youtube presence and get phone calls and clients right from youtube.

But who is he? A honest, fulfilled, dedicated, sometimes crazy and passionate about what he is doing..that’s clearly reflects the way he sees the world.

He loves to create and has a dream: to pour entrepreneurial spirit into children and he realized he is not be able to do it without helping people and get the experience. So he started teaching new online wannabe entrepreneurs to test his strategies, shortcuts to make them achieve the same massive results.

He is on the way building his own community of the new generation youtube marketers who will shape their own industries by learning cutting edge video marketing and helping others to succeed.

If you are ready to join them and get all your questions answered click here and ask to be a member of Norbert Shabo’s Youtube Traffic Mastery Community.