Advanced Playlist Strategies To Squeeze Out Massive Traffic From YouTube

December 11, 2013

In one of my latest posts you could learn how to use playlists to get more traffic from
how to use playlists on youtubeYouTube and how you can force YouTube to show your videos more in their feeds to get people onto your channel.

This means more views, more leads and more profit your can make with your channel!

That post alone could make a huge difference in the traffic you get to your channel but I want to take this strategy to the next level.

There are many ways you can use playlists on YouTube!

If you learn these strategies about how to use playlists on YouTube…

You will be blown away from the results you can get!

I tell you a little secret. Ranking channels, videos and playlists on YouTube depends highly on how much metadata you can create and if you master this skill you can get ahead of your competition with 80% less effort.

How to use YouTube for marketingBut what is Metadata and how you can create it in YouTube playlists?

You can read this exact sentence in YouTube’s documetation:

Write optimized titles, tags and descriptions for your content.”

If I wanted to say it differently if would sound something like this:

Let us know what your channel,video playlists is about and we will make sure people will find you.

Now see how powerful this strategy is

(again… it is cited from the YouTube documetation)

Why It Works:

Metadata helps YouTube index your content. This is critical to building views from search and suggested videos.”

It is somewhat strange but YouTube tells you exactly how to use youtube for marketing. Sometimes it is not this clear but the hints are always powerful if you want to really understand it.

So out main goal is to:

“Use optimized keywords and formatting when writing metadata for your videos.”

It sounds so easy right?

In this case they were talking about video metadata but there is actually a way to create metadata for your playlists as well.

And stunningly few people are optimizing their playlists right now!!!

If you are excited to get busy on this playground then let me show you where to find every place you can inject keyword optimized metadata.

But at first let me show you how to create a playlist on YouTube and how to add videos to a playlist on youTube.

Now you have  a playlist which autoplay your videos if you click on it. Here comes the important question: how do you get to your playlist on YouTube?

If you go to your dashboard and you click on playlists and you choose one, then you can start editing it.

Here is how you can seo optimize a playlist step by step:

Optimizing the Playlist Title

It must contain the primary keyword you want to rank for whithin YouTube search. You should also keep in mind that you want people to click on in…

so make sure that the playlist title sounds interesting.

Before you finished this step ask a simple question from yourself:

If I were the one who finds this playlist… after reading the title would I click on the title to start those YouTube videos autoplay?

If your answer was yes then you move on to the next step:

Optimizing the playlist description

The key is when you do video marketing on youtube that you should not let any space you can fill out with data go to waste.

For example as you saw with the channel description example with one of my previous posts if you have a 5000 character limit then use it all.

Include your main keyword 3 times:

-in the beginning

-somewhere in the middle

-in the last sentence

Type in you keyword to Google search and include 3-4 keywords from the suggested keywords you saw in the drop down suggestions you see when you stop typing in your main keyword.

Why is using relevancy important?

Because Google and YouTube wants to see context in descriptions. It doesn’t evaluate your content (videos) based on keyword density any more. If your content is not about a certain topic -and YouTube can decide it only based on the occurrence of relevant phrases- then it will simply not rank.

How to spice up your Playlists optimization a little more?

How do i create a playlist on youtubeUsing the Playlist notes you can inject keywords between the playlists videos as subtitles to make people (and YouTube) understand more what your videos are all about.

If you think that this is the pinnacle of playlist optimization I want to let you know that it is just the beginning.

Fasten your seat belts because here is how you can dominate the search results with Your playlists and get many new subscribers!

It doesn’t matter whether you have high ranking YouTube videos yet or not it is always useful to ride on the fame and SEO power of well established videos of your competition.

I love this strategy because this enables you to hijack the authority of really powerful players from your niche for SEO rankings and subscriber generation.

Here is how to get Subscribers With Playlists…

The first strategy is to include 3-4 best performing videos from your competitors into your playlist.

But the key is to put your video to the first or second place into the playlist. Depending on your choice here is the strategy you should follow:

 1.You put your video first

You borrowed the SEO power of all the videos you included along with your own in the playlist. Plus you get the benefit to be the first video which the playlist autoplay along with others so you have to make sure to have a strong call to action.

Make sure to choose a great custom thumbnail for your playlist to get the click!

2.You put your video inside of the playlist. In this case make sure that the videos are all really engaging, full of interesting content so the visitors will be warmed up for the pitch they get when they reach your video.

You doesn’t even have to create a long video. It can be a short 15-30 second long video saying that you how they are enjoying the playlist you created around the topic and you encourage them to subscribe to your channel because you do videos and playlist around xyz topic.

If they want to learn even more powerful strategies your channel will be the go to source for that content.

This is a sneaky but really powerful strategy to boost your subscribers without creating any content on your own.

If you want you can combine this strategy with the first one so if they missed the chance to subscribe to your channel they can do that at this point.

Using Playlists To Become The Only Choice On The Market

Be prepared because this is the ultimate one two punch video marketing on youtube. It is obvious that once you start playing a YouTube video the related videos show up on the right side on YouTube.

There is a high chance that they click away from your video and end up watching a competitor’s video if you are not careful.

So now I will teach you how to eliminate your competitors from the related section!

Option 1:

Lets assume that there is a topic you can’t include in a 6-10 minute video but you could separate it into steps.

Let’s make cut these segments and upload them separately and make sure to include in the title which part is that video in the series. (part 1.,part 2.)

The next step is to create a playlist of these segments using the same title. As I mentioned in my last post on this blog YouTube clearly states in their documentation that they will make sure people will find the other videos if they are pasrt of the same playlist.

Which means the other parts will occupy the space and get priority placements even if other videos are more optimized for certain keywords.

Powerful isn’t it?

Option 2: Create playlists of related videos from your channel. You can even use the playlist from option 1. for this strategy.

Make sure that you mention and link to your playlist from every video you upload so people can easily click to watch your playlists.

When it happens….

The related videos section completely disappears and the whole space is occupied by your own videos from the playlist! Make sure to use this strategy because

The more you tell the more you sell.

If people like, know and trust you they will buy from you and you will get more leads and make more profit with your channel!

How To Use Playlists On YouTube To Promote Videos People Did Not Want To See?

If you have a video which is a bit longer than usual but you see in your statistics that it generates subscribers once people find it then you can flood it with qualified prospects eagerly want to watch the whole video of yours.

How you can do that with a playlist?

You can create a short 30 seconds video promotion the content of your longer video. Create an annotation link to the second video and also connect them with a playlist optimized for your keyword.

Most of the time the playlist will outrank the video your ant people to watch and the intro will peak curiosity enough for them to sit through a video which they otherwise would not click on and you have a winner combination to get more subscribers!

I’m sure your head is spinning from these information BUT there is one more thing…

How To Make YouTube Want to Promote You

There is a fabulous method using playlists to make YouTube search algorithm to fall in love with your channel and make it showcase your channel more than it would normally.

There is a statistical data similar to what you can see in case of websites (pages per visit) which is video views per visitor.

Most of the time people are not watching more than 1-2 videos per visit but if you ar not sharing and embedding videos on by one but using playlists then people will watch 3-5 or more in a row.

This will give more SEO power to your channel and quickly get you into the related video section of your competitors videos.

If you enjoyed these powerful playlist strategies make sure to leave a comment below because I want to connect with people who are eager for more results and make sure to download my 7Step Channel Optimization Blueprint here.

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