How set up a social profile network for branding, authority and more traffic from Google.

November 25, 2013

How to build a brand to get way more traffic on YouTube

I my previous posts I showed you why YouTube wants you to think outside YouTube itself to build your community and get more traffic, leads and sales with your videos.

The online world  is changing rapidly but once you understand where those steps lead, it will be easy for you to predict what will help you the most…

 to reach more people in less time.

If you kept following my blog you already know about YouTube branding. Now I will expand on that concept and I will reveal to you how you can use branding yourself for traffic.

If you have a website you know that backlinks plays less and less in terms of rankings. Google started being social and despite of the fact that their two social network failed they now building a different kind of breed….

A Social Layer which you can use to connect all your social profiles…

and create a powerful hub! Watch this video to learn  HOW!

Why is it important?

As I said Google is becoming social and businesses who are not present on the main social networks will not rank well on Google and later on. Social activity plays more and more rule in rankings.

Since YouTube is a part of this network you can use these principles to rank your YouTube videos as well. By the end of this post you will know how you can get an unfair advantage by building on these strategies.

So how to build a brand outside of  Youtube and how to connect all your accounts together to create a social media hub?

Make sure to use one business email address to set up all of your social media accounts so it will be evident for search engines that your accounts are officially yours. (info@yourdomain.com)

 Twitter branding

Here are some great tips to spice up your Twitter branding. You can create a big impact if you create a custom background with your personal photo and a simple tagline.

Make sure to write something which resonates with people who you want as lifetime customers.

Here is how you can make your  Twitter profile more eye catching…
and get more views for your videos from twitter.

Facebook branding

Every business or website must have a Facebook page because you can get massive viral traffic for your videos via Facebook branding.

For starters you need to create a custom header image and there a lot of free websites where you can create stunningly beautiful headers. For example you can try out Canva.com which I fell in love with recently.

The second step in Facebook branding is to kickstart your fan base with a little bit of paid advertising. Just $15-30 can be enough to reach the critical mass of 500-1000 fans. From there you can grow it absolutely for free just by posting viral images.

If you want further knowledge on this topic request access to my YouTube Traffic Mastermind group on Google Plus.


Pinterest Branding

Even if you did not plan to venture into pinterest you must consider doing it because you can easily get an extra 100-200 visitors per day from Pinterest branding.

Unlike other social networks Pinterest is built to refer traffic to other websites. Even Facebook restricts the reach of your posts if it contains a link to an other website.

People on Pinterest are used to click on images to leave Pinterest which is great if you want people to visit your videos or websites.

According tor easearch the wealthiest love Pinterests so esteablishing your business and branding there is crucial.

Connecting Everything Together…

with Google Plus Branding

Before we get into this topic I want to tell you a little known fact…

If someone ever gave you a +1 on Google plus it is a sign for Google that he/she likes your information and everything you post on Google plus for example all your posts you shared will get preferred rankings for that person.

Which means your YouTube videos and your other content will end up on the first page of Google when that person searches for information related to your content.

This is an unfair advantage and this is why you want to get in front of people on Google Plus!

How Get Into Google’s Bloodstream and Get Found Even Faster!

As you probably noticed I always keep the best information to the end of my posts to encourage you to put everything into action with a smile on your face, knowing that what you are about to do will make your competition’s jaw drop.

Up until know this posts was about social media and branding but there is actually an other layer which is the blogosphere.

Bloggers and blogs get an enormous chunk of traffic and you can syphon that traffic and authority to your social profiles which means you can make your videos rank higher and faster by connecting your accounts to these blogs.

So as a part of branding a business you need to create an account on www.gravatar.com  and just as easily on Google Plus you can connect your social media accounts there too.

 But how to leverage the power of blogs?

As your daily routine do one thing:

Go to google.com/blogsearch and do a search for blog related to keywords you want to rank for with your YouTube videos and leave positive and constructive comments on those.

With this you will not only build relevant (which means powerful) links to your social media accounts and videos but also signals Google that you are active and an authority in your niche.

This will separate you from 90% of people out there who want to stand out and make money with YouTube.

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