How To Generate Massive Traffic With YouTube Playlists

November 30, 2013

You may wondering how to create a YouTube playlist because you want to entertain yourself of you want to share some great repackaged content with your friends and subscribers.

I will not only show you how to do that but I want to reveal to you how you can leverage this function to get more subscribers and more traffic to your YouTube channel and videos.

Playlists Are Great To Publish Content On Your Channel Without Having To Make Any Videos!

People feel overwhelmed when it is about creating and building a YouTube channel. You may think it is complicated and you have to have a lot of quality content for people to subscribe to your channel.

You are wrong!

It is ridiculously easy create a YouTube channel with full of content which people will fell in love with and they want to subscribe to get more of “your content”.

But at first I want to show you how simple it is to create a brand new playlist on YouTube.

Here is how to create a playlist with just a couple of clicks!

Just type in something which really interests you right now. For example you want to listen to some music.

If you click on some of the results the video will start playing and you can see simple menu right under the video next to the subscribe button.

It says: about share add to …

If you choose the add to item you can add it to the pre defined playlists or you can create  a new private or public playlist. Just give it a name and you have a playlist created.

The Power Behind Playlists!

If you take a look at the suggested videos on the right side you will most likely to see at least one playlist at the top of the listed videos.

Why is that?

All of the improvements YouTube implemented are geared towards the leanback experience for people watching YouTube. They want you to consume the videos like you would watch a TV.

Without too much clicking, enjoying the videos and watching them one by one while they are getting paid for the advertisements which are presented before your eyes on the videos.

But this is actually something you want to take advantage of!

If there is a chance…

YouTube wants to show a playlist to people!

In their documentation they actually recommend you to create playlists on a regular basis and curate other peoples contents in them.

“Helps viewers watch more of your videos. When you group videos in a series playlist, YouTube will help your viewers find more episodes in the series and a link to the whole playlist.” -YouTube

So creating a playlist on youtube not only helps viewers consume more of your (or curated) videos but if you read between the lines YouTube will showcase your playlist anywhere it can.

Which means more views, more subscribers and more profit for you!

I’m sure now you are interested in how do you make a playlist on youtube for more traffic.

Make sure to watch this video about how to find out what people are typing into the YouTube search so finding a good title before creating a youtube playlist will not be a guesswork for you anymore.

You don’t know how lucky you are because on YouTube other than music playlist and game related playlist it is not a common for people creating a YouTube playlist.

Here is an other hint from YouTube which should make you want to create these traffic magnet playlists:

“Make your metadata work for you. A strong title, tags and description will help people find your playlist.”

Again it is not obvious but if you create playlists around your topic for example fund raising will make your channel appear more often in the search results because not only the playlist will be more optimized but your channel also!

Watch this video to see how to get relevant keyword suggestions around a topic straight from Google itself!

If you don’t want do do all the work of finding videos for these topics, creating the playlists by yourself, want to save time by automating the whole process then request access to my YouTube Traffic Mastermind here and you will learn how to do this in minutes.

Ultimate SEO Boost!!!

If you embed a YouTube playlist on blogs you actually get a backlink for every single video you included into your playlist so make sure to use this strategy.

And there is an other benefit if you embed playlists instead of single videos because after people the YouTube playlist play all button and it finishes playing all of the videos your visitors will not see any suggested videos on your site!

They will not leave your website which reduces the bounce rate, increases onsite time and Google will reward you for that.

It is time now to create your own playlist now!

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