How To Get Massive traffic Just By Uploading a Video At The Right Time

December 3, 2013

If I asked you which are the key areas of getting massive traffic on YouTube you probably said video optimization but there is a little known secret area in YouTube video production which can lead you an instant massive growth.

It seems so insignificant that people rarely ever talking about this in trainings which is actually really good for you because…

Again I give you a golden nugget which gives you an advantage over your competition.

Did you ever think about that whenever you publish a video on YouTube you leave a massive amount of traffic on the table?

What if your potential customers are

  1.  sleeping
  2. thnking on whats wrong with their employers again
  3. driving to work


So actually they are really not interested in what you have to say. Don’t get me wrong you will get traffic but you may miss most of the quality traffic which you would get if you were using scheduled upload.

But how can you schedule videos on YouTube?

If you are like me you just love to get it down. Create the video, upload it, optimize it and immediately publish it to see the results.


  • How does it rank…
  • How does the custom thumbnail look like…
  • etc.

You probably don’t realize that not every subscriber of yours will notice your uploaded video.

If you publish video on YouTube at a wrong time your subscribers home feed will be cluttered with junk before they even had a chance to take a look at your videos.

This is why fell in love with YouTube scheduled publishing. This smart feature enables us to publish videos in the perfect moment, the moment of our choice.

 So how to schedule youtube uploads?

Once you are done with your YouTube video production and clicked on the upload button you should see something like this.

schedule videos on youtube

 I was also wondering why I did not notice the scheduled upload function before. It is hidden in plain sight.

So since we know where we can schedule our videos online lets see how we can taka advantage of this function!

 Scheduled Upload Secrets!

First step:

Know why it is so powerful to use it the fullest.

Here is what YouTube says about scheduling:

“Release videos frequently on a recurring schedule. React to trending topics with relevant content.”

It means if you have a plan which you follow it is much more easier. Long before I started my YouTube channel and this blog I created a 60+ day long content plan…

From Zero to Hero.

I planned out my posts and I also creating videos according to this schedule. I’m not sure whether you realized it or not but I’m building an empire right before your eyes.

This scheduled plan is part of my Youtube video production so I know what I will teach you tomorrow and even two months from now.

It makes it easy for me to react news and changes YouTube make or when I see an amazing idea when someone else publish a video on YouTube which I want to reflect on with my own ideas.

Why it Works: Frequent uploads and other platform engagement keep your channel feed active and retain audience interest”

After subscribing to my channel and reading my blog for a while it somehow becomes addictive. You are checking my blog and YouTube channel more often, looking for content.

This is what YouTube means by that. And this is wgy you must schedule videos on YouTube so develop a YouTube video production plan before you start anything.

Ten minutes of planning can save you months or years in marketing and your subscribers will love you for it.

But YouTube scheduled publishing has a second step too which is just as important to get an initial boost in traffic when you upload videos.

What is the best time to upload to YouTube?

To take advantage of the scheduled publishing function you must at first know  on which days is your audience the most active.

 Here is the video which explains this step in detail. Watch it right now!

 The second step which you should consider is to see exactly in which hour you should schedule videos to get the most traffic out of the YouTube scheduled publishing.

Here is the video which explains it in 2 minutes so it is easy to grasp:

Do you see how powerful this strategy can be if you implement it?

video on how to build automated marketing campaigns with the scheduler.

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