The Secret Of Getting More Leads,Visitors And Make More Profit With Video Call To Action!

November 27, 2013

If you are not using call to actions
(you are not telling them what to do) in your videos it is a waste of time creating them.

Whenever I get asked: “what to make videos about?” I usually ask: “What is your main goal with your Youtube channel?”

In internet video marketing but everything in our life must originate from a definite goal. If you set a main goal before you create your channel

  1.  you will know what to create videos about
  2.  you will know what your next steps are
  3.  you will know what you want from those who are watching your videos…

 so creating call to actions will not be a problem any more.

How To Create a Call To Action

How To Create a Call To Action

Yes web video marketing can be that simple if you are building your YouTube channel the right way.

To understand call to action more I will share an example with you.

How To Do This?

For example you want to raise funds for a project to create an environment for polar bears in your Zoo where they feel at home to such a degree that they regularly mate and your Zoo could exchange those polar bear babies for other exotic animals.

Well maybe this example a bit extreme for explaining call to action in any video for marketing but your goal can be as simple as getting more subscribers for your video blog.

Without a proper call to action what would happen after people get to the end of your video?

They really enjoyed your content, your say “bye” with a passionate smile and they are presented at least six other videos about polar bears

What do your think?

It requires quite a bit of concentration to take a look at the subscribe button and click on that first before they leave your video.

Believe me…

Most of the time they will leave but…

If you are using a call to action in your internet video marketing your subscriber rate will skyrocket!

You can just simply say at the end of your video:

-If you want to support our Zoo and you want to see more exotic animals next year we  Video Call To Actionwould really appreciate your gift for supporting our polar bear baby program. You can send us your donation by clicking this link below.

If you don’t feel like it I understand so I would really appreciate if you would subscribe to our channel to see more polar bear videos.

I’m not sure whether you noticed the subtle psychological warfare I unleashed upon you if you were watching a video like this. Waiters often use this strategy…

This breaks thinking patterns by guiding it to a certain direction…

Instead of giving an option to say yes or no to my request I presented two options. This simple realization caused 500% increase in business on one of my channels I created.

This is the power of multiple choice!

I let you know about an other psychological technique which is hidden in this sentence and you can use it for your own advantage.

The first request requires much more energy from people. They should take their time and click on a link, filling out some form and sending a small donation.

Most of the people rejects the idea in their mind and once they did it the script answers with an other rejection. Changing the required action to a much smaller one.

This sets your subscriber rate to the next level!

Usually this approach increases the chance to get a subscriber at least by 30%  compared to videos where people are asking their viewers only to subscribe to their channel.

How to create these video call to actions on YouTube?

There is basically three ways to create them and to decide which one to use depends on

  • how much time and effort you want to put into creating one
  • which one do you like the most
  • or which seems to be the perfect match to reach one specific goal

How to set up the three different kind of video call to action

Let’s begin with the most simple one and people usually likes this the most because:

  1. setting it up is easy
  2. serves multiple purposes
  3. can be changed on the fly
  4. the effectiveness can be measured by analytics
  5. even has SEO benefits
  6. People trust this kind of annotation the most!

1.These are the well known video annotation bubbles.

To set them up on a specific video just go to the video manager, click on the edit dropdown menu next to the video you choose then click on annotations.

Just start playing your video and decide where you want to put the “please like” “please subscribe” annotations.

If you want them to go straight to your website from an annotation you can even do that. Download my 7Step Blueprint and you will know how to set this up with a couple of mouse clicks.

You would be surprised if you knew how few people know how to set this powerful call to action feature up!

2.Picture Text Or Speech Call To Actions

This is sometimes not harder or even easier to setup because most of the time you just insert an image, text or you just say to your viewers what you want them to do.

If you decide to use this kind of video call to action you can enhance it and make it more powerful by combining this technique by annotations.

3.The Call To Action Overlay On a YouTube Video

For using this in your video marketing you have to use adwords for video and you will be able to place an advertisement over your own videos.

Click on the video to see how to set it up:

‪AdWords for video.. The Power Of Call to Action Overlays‬ ‪AdWords for video.. The Power Of Call to Action Overlays‬[/caption]This is a clickable link which appears on the first and last 15 seconds of your video.

What is this good for if you can actually use annotations too to link out to external websites?
With call to action overlay you can link out to any website without being an owner of it you can promote any offers you wish!

Depending on what you goal is you will use this feature the most or the least but I wanted you to know about it.

If you have any questions or liked the information please leave a comment also if you haven’t downloaded my 7Steps YouTube Mastery Blueprint click here to do so.

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