4+2 Easy Ways To Create Awesome Videos To Get Traffic From YouTube!

December 17, 2013

Back in the old days we were destined to create a YouTube video with our camera, windows movie maker, keynote or other softwares depending on what os you are using and upload it later on.

Not the times have changed and 4 out of 6 cases we even don’t have to leave YouTube to create an amazing video.

As you can see all the 4 options as clearly visible and I will talk about specific strategies for them but at first I want you to realize an additional feature which is almost hidden in plain sight.

The Future of YouTube Video Creation

I believe that soon it will have a much bigger impact on how YouTube looks now than you may think and this is Mobile Uploads.

Recently YouTube released an innovation which transformed the way how people make YouTube videos and that is the YouTube app which you can use to capture,edit and upload your videos directly from your phone.

We will talk about that later but now lets talk about the other 4 options which you will use more often right now.

Make your Own YouTube video with Webcam capture

This is the by far the easiest and fastest way to get started with some restrictions.

Here is some ways to create your own YouTube video with webcam:

  • if you want to announce something quickly
  • if you do a Q&A video answering some questions you got from your subscribers
  • if there is something you can explain without using screen capture

Let me teach you how to create a YouTube videoPlease note that when you are using this feature you can’t use any special effects and you can’t add titles, additional information.

This is all there if you do hangouts and unless you move a lot and talk fast the video will not keep the viewer for very long.

This is why I only recommend using this feature in the above mentioned scenarios when you can keep the length of the youtube video between 30-90 seconds.

TIP: Always remember that even if you are producing these little clips have a clear purpose in your mind and use call to actions.

You can edit the intro and outro of the video so you still can add call to action elements to make your own YouTube video effective even if it was just a webcam capture initially.

Create an awesome Photo slideshow video

If you were afraid of talking through a video or showing up in front of the camera you will love this feature.

I recommend though that you should put at least a music playing in the background of the video to make it more interesting. Good news is that you can use YouTube’s new feature for this and you can choose from thousands of music tracks from the library.

This is the easiest way you can create a YouTube video with pictures and music.

Make Your Own YouTube VideoIf you want to create a youtube video with pictures then here are the best practices:

  1.  create step by step how to videos by pictures taken at every step
  2. create before and after photo shoots of a project,service you describe and use those as basis
  3. plan out a slideshow which explains a story so people can connect with your ideas
  4. always include an “end card” as YouTube calls it. It is basically a call to action slide to encourage people to sign up for your channel.

This is an extra way to create a YouTube video from powerpoint just by exporting the slides as jpeg images then uploading them to Youtube.

Create Google Hangouts

Not too many people realized how powerful this function is. This is the powered up version of the webcam way of crating a YouTube video.

You can either do a solo hangout which can be about:

  •  describing a solution for a problem
  • a shout out for your fans and answering their questions
  • to create a webinar combining screen capture,presentations

Or you can do interview style hangouts where you can pick other people’s brain and do a cross promotion with other like minded individuals to grow your subscriber base.

What is great about hangouts that:

  •  they rank incredibly fast either in YouTube and Google
  • they are really interactive and you get much more likes,shares and commends during a live hangout than with any other video type.
  • people perceive them of higher value

What is great about hangouts that you can enhance the experience with graphic elements during the hangout so they become more entertaining than most of your videos you created using other methods.

And here comes my favorite option…

How to create a Youtube video using the built in video editor

In the next post I will talk about exploiting all the possibilities which the YouTube editor offers you but now I want to open your mind for this new opportunity to leverage what YouTube built in the past couple of years.

Imagine all the videos people upload per minute! 72 hours of video content and there is a certain type of video which you will love the most.

It is called creative commons…

This means you can use it freely for any of your videos and you can access the whole database through video editor.

You can create:

  1. funny compilations
  2. best of
  3. top mistakes
  4. great moments to remember


Type of videos which are already:

  • search engine optimized and approved by YouTube
  • already proven to be successful by video views

And this is just a beginning…

Imagine that you can borrow the trust of celebrities. Just search for their name and look for interviews made by or with them and cut our relevant content.

You can use high quality presentation videos. Just do a search for your topic and find documentaries,explainer videos.

This strategy can also be used if you are looking for live footages to prove your point of view to gain trust.

Create engaging and interesting content to gain more subscribers!

Do you want to more about how to use these strategies and you want examples?

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