How To Come Up With Subscriber Magnet YouTube Video Ideas Every Day

December 21, 2013

Youtube video ideasIn this post I want to reveal an eye opening strategy to come up really great YouTube video ideas every day.

Most of the people are frightened by the thought that they have to create videos when they don’t really know what to talk about.

But first you should realize something. When people are searching for a solution for a problem they just recently realized that they have something which they desperately need to solve.

How To Understand What They Need (It is gold for video creators)

 Most of the people are like this…

They want answers like… now

For example they just found out that they have a serious illness…

They don’t have a clue about how to cure it. But you do. Why do you think that people know what you know?

How To Break The Ice And Become A Full Fledged YouTube Video Creator

Your first youtube video ideasBeing paralyzed by assuming that your audience may know what you are about to present not only holds you back from creating a video but it also holds you back from presenting your first YouTube video ideas and solutions in the most effective way possible.

Which is..

Assuming that they know nothing about the topic so you will give everything you have to guide them through the best solution by presenting the information in an easily understandable way where they can get from a to z without getting lost in the jargon you would use if you assume they know a lot about the topic.

This is the alfa and omega of brainstorming ideas for YouTube and people will love you for it!

They are searching for the

  1. why
  2. the what
  3. the how

 and they want shortcuts to achieve what they want and get it faster.

If you can present why they should do something by giving a kind of background story for the solution you want to present, you will tell them exactly what to do and how to do it and you give the shortcut which helps them to solve their problem faster than they could imagine.

Even good YouTube video ideas will fail if you don’t make it clear for people why they should watch your video.

 How should you start?

How to come up with video ideas for youtubeHere is the step by step process I use to come up with great YouTube video ideas for every channel I create.

Let’t assume that you have some kind of solution you want to present for your viewers.


1. In first step you should start asking questions.. let’s tart with “what”.

What are people looking for when they are searching for the solution of their problem. What are they typing into Google or Youtube video search to find it.

 2. The second step to generate more ideas for YouTube videos is to ask:

How are they feeling right now? What are the emotional triggers you should push to make them want to take action. How would they describe their feeling. How would they search for solutions to get rid of these feelings?

3. The next question is probably the most useful to come up with some good YouTube video ideas and this is the why!

People love to rationalize their decisions after purchase so after you got the emotional response which possibly leads them to buy you can also find the why to help them to fight the buyers remorse. (if there will be any)

So ask why this product, YouTube channel or video is worth to check out. Answering this question helps you to create a powerful intro for your video which will make people to watch it.

 4.The question When

After backing up your YouTube video ideas with emotional and rational triggers and figured out some keywords (using what) for people to find your videos easier the WHEN will help you to create a theme for your video.

When they need your solution the most? Is there a seasonality or is there a definite need coming up in a certain time in their life? Are they searching for it when they work or rather when they are at home?

This also helps to generate some additional new video ideas for YouTube because the seasonality can be used to create some viral effect when you can tie a vieo promotion to an event for example Super bowl.

5. And the last one is the Who!

Who you want to talk to? Are they elderly people or you want to appeal for younger generation? Answering this question will shape your entire video and will make it more powerful.

I’m sure you are familiar with the “for Dummies” series which became a brand on it’s own.

If you already have videos on your YouTube channel take a look at your analytics and find out who are watching your videos. What is your target demograpic.

If you precisely target that while you are searching for good ideas for YouTube videos every single video of yours can became the next big hit!

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